Field Support Solutions

Aero Service Division to provide best value field support solutions

Aero Services Division provides Fleet Operations Support Services for MQ-1 Predator®, MQ-1C Gray Eagle, MQ-9 Reaper and Predator® C Avenger

  • Provide mission capability to our customers
  • Conduct launch and recovery of aircraft
  • Perform pre-, thru-, and post-flight servicing and inspections
  • Complete flight line repair of aircraft, Ground Control Stations (GCS), and support equipment
  • Execute scheduled and unscheduled inspections, organizational and depot level modifications, and special actions
  • Field Integrations
  • Manage flight line supply, tool room, quality assurance, and documentation functions
  • Munitions loading

Sensor Operation, Mission Control Element

Platform Specific Training for A&P Mechanics and Technicians on MQ-1C Gray Eagle

Customers benefit from our OEM affiliation

  • Our highly qualified personnel are trained in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) facilities with long-established training syllabi, and completing comprehensive on-the-job training to ensure we have the best mission ready workforce.

Aero Services has over one million deployed man hours supporting

  • USAF
  • US Army
  • DHS
  • International Customers
  • Deployed and permanent party positions at over 50 CONUS and OCONUS locations