SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

At General Atomics Systems Integration, LLC, an affiliate of the General Atomics enterprise, our established company quality policy is as follows:

  • We are committed to developing, producing, delivering and supporting products that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.
  • We continually improve our products and processes through coordination with our customers, employees, and suppliers.
  • We regularly review our quality objectives to ensure that we maintain customer and business focus.
  • We maintain a dedicated, competent workforce and provide them with a safe work environment.

Our Quality Assurance Program is based upon an established Quality Management System that is compliant with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defined in the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Standard (AS) defined in the International Standard AS9100 Revision C. Our Quality Assurance Program establishes the methods by which we conduct quality assurance activities that concentrate on preventing performance problems through continuous monitoring and evaluation of program-specific processes, products, and services performed by The GA-SI Team.